Charge and Clean Your Glo Hyper X2 the Right Way!

At Glo, we prioritize keeping our loyal customers informed. So here we are to help you understand the ins and outs of our flagship product, the Glo Hyper X2. These can significantly improve your experience with it. We will shed some light on crucial aspects of charging your HP device. This will be followed by a detailed analysis of how to clean the Hyper X2 Tobacco Heating Device the right way. Let's get started!

Charging Credentials of Glo Hyper X2

Our Glo Hyper X2 is not just an ordinary tobacco heating device. Its advanced design is coupled with state-of-the-art charging features that ensure consistent performance. Here's a snapshot of all these performance backed features:

  • Maximum Heating Temperature: The device can heat up to 260°C in Boost mode and 250°C in Base mode.
  • Charging Time: A full charge requires up to 3.5 hours. This charging time ensures the battery is adequately powered for optimal performance.
  • Number of Sessions: *On a full charge, you can up to 20 sessions. This count might vary based on your usage patterns.

Disclaimer: *Based on laboratory testing of a newly manufactured fully charged device may vary depending on an individual’s usage behavior.

But how can you fully utilize these features? The next section covers that!

Charging Best Practices for Hyper X2 Tobacco Heater

With any electronic device you have to follow some tips and tricks to make it perform to its full potential. Similarly, ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of your Glo Hyper X2 boils down to following some basic charging principles:

  1. Uninterrupted Charging: It's essential to connect your device to a power source that provides consistent energy. Intermittent power can disrupt the charging process and potentially affect battery life.
  2. Full Charge Before First Use: Before you dive into the unique tobacco experience the Hyper X2 offers, ensure the device is fully charged. It sets the right tone for the battery's future performance.
  3. Monitor the LED Display: The built-in LED display not only indicates the ramp-up progress and session details but also shows the charging status. It's your best guide to understanding the battery's current state.

These were some insights on what to do. Now let’s have a look at what not to do.

What to Avoid when Charging Glo Tobacco Heating Device

Avoiding certain practices can be as important as following the right ones. You must have heard a lot of stereotypes about charging phone batteries the right way. Well, not all of them are stereotypes and some of them apply to Glo as well. Here's what you should steer clear of:

  • Overcharging: While the device is designed with modern technology, consistently leaving it on charge beyond its full capacity might diminish its lifespan.
  • Using Incompatible Chargers: Always use the recommended charger or a trustworthy alternative. An incompatible charger might not provide the required power output and can be harmful.
  • Charging in Extreme Conditions: Avoid charging your device in excessively hot or cold environments. Optimal room temperature ensures the battery remains in good health.

A Friendly Reminder for the Tech-Savvy User

Remember, like all advanced HP devices, the Glo Hyper X2 relies on its battery to deliver the unique experiences it promises. Treating the battery with care ensures you maximize the value of your investment and

Now that you know how to fully utilize the performance features, let's get to the cleaning bit so you can your device for a longer period of time.

The Importance of Cleaning your HP

Your Tobacco Heating Product (HP), in this case Glo Hyper X2, is not just any device; it's an embodiment of technology, design, and your personal leisure moments. Keeping it clean is paramount for several reasons:

  • Optimal Performance: Over time, residue can accumulate, potentially affecting the heating mechanism. Regular cleaning ensures consistent heating and taste experiences.
  • Longevity: A clean device functions better and lasts longer. By ensuring it's free from debris and residues, you're guaranteeing a longer, more efficient lifespan.
  • Hygiene: It's a device you use regularly, and like all personal use items, keeping it hygienic.

Cleaning Best Practices for Glo Hyper X2

Well, cleaning our Glo Hyper X2 tobacco heater doesn’t require any rocket science. Afterall, it’s a simple device packed with advanced tech. But still, there are certain best practices, and we don’t want you to miss out. Here's how you can keep your Glo Hyper X2 shining and performing at its best:

  1. Regular Inspection: Before cleaning, always inspect your device for any visible residues or debris.
  2. Protective Iris-Shutter Door: Use a soft brush or lint-free cloth to gently clean the protective iris-shutter door. This not only ensures its smooth operation but also prevents dust from entering the heating chamber.
  3. The Heating Chamber: Use the tools provided or a Q-tip to gently clean the heating chamber. Ensure it's free from any tobacco remnants after each session.
  4. Exterior Wipe Down: Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the exterior of the device. This will keep it looking new and free from smudges.
  5. LED Display: A soft cloth is all you need to keep the LED display clean and clear.

Oh, and like always, there are certain things you shouldn’t do.

What to Avoid

While cleaning is essential, some practices might be detrimental. So, it is vital that you avoid the following to have a fully clean and powerful experience.

  • Avoid Moisture: Never immerse your device in water or use wet clothes that might allow moisture to seep in. Excess moisture can damage the internal components.
  • Harsh Chemicals: Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents or solvents. They might deteriorate the device's finish or damage its parts.
  • Forceful Cleaning: The components of the Glo Hyper X2 are delicate. Avoid using excessive force or sharp objects that might scratch or damage the device.

A Gentle Nudge for the Perfectionist

Your Glo Hyper X2 is designed with precision and requires a soft touch. Just as you wouldn't handle a piece of art recklessly, treat your device with the same delicacy. A regular, gentle cleaning routine can make a world of difference in its performance and aesthetics.


In sum, the Glo Hyper X2 is an embodiment of technology and luxury. By adhering to the best charging and cleaning practices, you not only ensure optimal performance but also enhance its lifespan. Remember, a little care goes a long way.