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About glo™

Is this product for quitting smoking?

It is an alternative to traditional combustible cigarettes

Is glo™ healthier than combustible tobacco?

While neo sticks do not combust tobacco, deliver no ash and minimal odour, this does not imply that this product offers less risk to your health than other tobacco products.

Is glo™ healthier than IQOS?

Both glo and IQOS are heated tobacco products. They are designed and function differently. However, tobacco heating products do deliver lower levels of toxicants than cigarettes but this does not imply that that this product’s impact on health is less than other tobacco products.

What does it mean by " around 90% to 95% less toxicants"?

By heating, rather than burning we are dramatically reducing the levels of toxicants in the emissions/heated tobacco vapour compared with a cigarette. This is based on a comparison between a reference cigarette and the heated tobacco vapour from glo in terms of the average of the 9 harmful components which the World Health Organisation recommends to reduce. This does not necessarily mean that this product's impact on health is less than other tobacco products.

Why is there no ash?

Ash comes from burning and this product's tecnologhy depends on is heat not burn tobacco.

Less odour, what is the scientific evidence behind this?

We conduct studies comparing the odour of cloth and hands that have been exposed to tobacco vapour and smoke during use. These studies clearly demonstrate that the odour from THP (glo) products is significantly lower than the odour from smoking cigarettes.

Is there any difference in addiction level between cigarettes and heated tobacco?

No, both products contain nicotine and nicotine is an addictive substance.

Product Knowledge

What are neo™ heating sticks?

The neo™ stick is a tobacco filled stick specially designed to fit the glo™ tobacco heater device. Unlike conventional cigarettes, it should not be lit nor burned as it is only suitable to be heated by the glo™ tobacco heating devices.

What does "Advanced Heat Technology" do?

The technology delivers the optimum temperature to release the great aromatic tobacco tastes. It does this through, rapid heat not burn mechanism and fine temperature control.

What does "Induction Heating Technology" do?

This technology delivers a THP experience with better taste satisfaction and rapid heating for quicker taste release. In induction heating (glo™ Hyper+) induction coils are used to facilitate the generation of heat in a susceptor (the heating chamber) with an electromagnetic field spread throughout the heating chamber. This method means that the heating chamber gets up to temperature quicker and consequently you can heat the neo stick faster.

How does induction work?

Induction coils (inductors) create an electromagnetic field when an alternating current is passed through them. The electromagnetic field will create eddy currents within ferrous metallic objects (susceptors) placed within the field, which then generates heat within the object.

What does the glo™ starter kit include?

Your starter kit contains a glo™ tobacco heater, a reusable cleaning brush, a USB-C cable, and a user manual.

What are the 4 flavours of neo™?

Rich Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Fresco Mint, Blueberry Switch.

Can I use glo™ Hyper X2 with other cigarettes?

No. Other cigarettes are not compatible with glo™ Hyper X2.

Can you light neo heatsticks and smoke them like normal cigarettes? Can you use a stick more than once?

No, when used as directed and intended, neo sticks neither ignite nor burn. Additionally, neo sticks are single use and should not be reused with the glo tobacco heater.

Why is there no power adapter in the starter kit?

glo devices recharge via USB-C port which requires a compatible 5v 1A or 2A power adapter. We realise the majority of our consumers already own multiple power adapters which have either been supplied with previous glo devices or other electronic devices. Rather than supplying another unneeded power adapter we have removed these to reduce Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) waste generated by our products to contribute to our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) commitments.

Are glo™ Hyper X2 waterproof or water-resistant?

No. The glo™ Hyper X2 is not waterproof or water-resistant.

What happens if my glo™ tobacco heater gets wet?

glo™ is an electronic device that is not waterproof or water resistant. Consequently, if your glo™ device has come into contact with water and is no longer working, then you must replace your device with a new glo™ tobacco heater. Please refrain from trying to replace the impacted spared parts yourself as you may further damage the device, and please do not use it again as it may endanger your health.

Product Usage

Parameters of X2 (number of sessions, charge time)

On average, a fully charged glo hyper X2 delivers up to 20 sessions in Boost mode, however this can vary with usage behaviour. The device can deliver 2 consecutive sessions without needing to cool down between them. The device may take up to 3.5 hours to fully charge when using a 5V/2A rated power supply. The device should be kept between 15°C-25°C for optimum performance; exposure to lower or higher temperatures can negatively impact battery life.

How do I use the product?

1- Insert neo™ tobacco stick
2- Turn on the device - Press and hold standard mode button for 3s then release when it vibrates
3- When the LED Indicator on glo™ fully illuminates, glo™ will vibrate indicating it is ready to use
4- When session is over, glo™ will vibrate again and LED indicator will turn off. Remove the stick and discard the stick responsively
To boost your experience, press the boost mode and follow the same process

How can I read the LED indicator?

LED indicator will indicate 4 functions, charging status, remaining battery life, ramp up status and session status. Once the glo
1- When 4 quadrants of LED indicator are fully illuminated, it means (fully charged / ready to use / start of the session)
2- When lesser than 4 quadrants of LED indicator are illuminated, it means (charging status & remaining battery life (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%) / ramp up status / remaining session status). Refer to the user guide for further details.

What are the two different modes in glo™ HYPER x2?

glo™ hyper X2 has a fast start-up time. There are two modes, standard and boost mode. It takes 20 seconds for the device to heat at standard mode, and only 15 seconds in boost mode.

What does the second button do?

Top (smaller) button provides easy access to the BOOST mode, which offers a shorter time to first puff and a faster taste release.

What is the heating temperature of glo™ Hyper X2?

240°C to 250°C in standard mode and 260°C to 280°C in boost mode.

How long does the session last?

Once you have inserted the stick and activated “Standard” or “Boost” buttons, the device will take 20 seconds in Standard mode or 15 seconds in Boost mode to heat the tobacco stick up; a short vibration will notify you that the stick is ready. The Standard mode session lasts 4 minutes; the Boost mode one is slightly faster, 3 minutes. You will feel another short vibration before the end of the session to indicate that you have 10 seconds left.

Can I use my glo™ tobacco heater with cigarettes?

No, you can’t use traditional cigarettes with glo™. Please only use your glo™ tobacco heater with neo™ sticks.

How should I inhale neo sticks? Like normal cigarette?

Take a puff, if the green LED lights up, then it's switched on. The light gradually disappears after you take a puff.

Can I switch between the boost mode and standard mode when I’m midway of using my glo™ Hyper X2?

No, you cannot switch between boost mode and standard mode midway. Each selected mode must complete its session before activating the next mode.

Can I use the heated neo stick again for the next session?

It is not recommended to re-use the neo stick as it will provide an unsatisfactory product experience

Can I use my glo™ tobacco heater while it is charging?

The glo™ tobacco heater can be used while it is connected, provided that its battery is sufficiently charged. However, please keep in mind that the charging process will be interrupted until the session ends.

I can smell something while the neo stick is being heated, what is it?

When heated , neo stick tobacco releases tobacco aroma from the tobacco rod.

How do I clean the device?

Hyper X2 has a screw-in cleaning door, which is convenient to open with a head of the brush. Insert the brush tip into the groove on the cleaning door and rotate anti-clockwise to open. Apply the brush to clean from both ends, then attach the cleaning door and rotate clockwise to lock.

How often should my glo™ Hyper X2 be cleaned?

The glo™ Hyper X2 should be cleaned between 20 uses.

Inhaled vapour feels hotter than usual, any problem?

All tobacco heating products give a warm tobacco vapour - this is normal. If the inhaled vapour feels uncomfortably hot then please do not use it anymore and contact customer care who will advise on available options.

Device is very hot. What to do?

Has the device been left in the sun? If yes, the glo™ heat not burn tobacco heater may be above the internal battery's maximum temperature. Move to a cooler area and/or wait for the tobacco heater to cool down. If no, and the glo™ tobacco heater gets unusually hot when turned on. Please do not use any more and contact customer care who will advise on available options.

Product Quality

What is the “tar” level of neo sticks?

Cigarette tar is a residue that is produced from burning tobacco. In glo™ Hyper X2, tobacco is heated and not burned and as such, there is no cigarette tar. glo™ Hyper X2 has been specifically designed to heat tobacco up to 270°C, delivering nicotine and tobacco flavour without burning.

What is the nicotine level of neo sticks?

neo sticks in glo™ Hyper X2 are designed to deliver a wide range of different sensory experiences. The exact nicotine levels across those sensory experiences will depend on how the user puffs the product, which is the same as for a cigarette.

Where are neo sticks manufactured?

The neo sticks are manufactured at our factories in South Korea.

What are the ingredients in neo sticks?

neo sticks contain specially processed tobacco (reconstituted), real tobacco, glycerol and flavours in the form of a wrapped stick/rod with a filter.

What is the shelf life?

A sealed neo stick pack has a 12 month shelf-life when stored in a cool dry place.

How shall I store the neo sticks?

Store the neo stick pack in a cool dry place, as you would your normal cigarettes. Like cigarettes the product performance may change noticeably if exposed to extremes of hot/cold and dry/wet conditions


Can I change the heating mode during the session?

No - the mode selection happens before the session start, rotation of the dial after this moment will not change the heating mode.

How do I reboot the device?

To reset the device, keep the control button pressed for 22 seconds until the screen changes. The countdown will reset if the button is released before the end of the countdown. If the dial is not set to OFF, the product may run an incomplete session before it reboots. To perform the reset correctly, it is important to keep the button continuously pressed for 22 seconds.

The device does not work. Sand clock is displayed?

Please do not worry, it is a recoverable error and will be self-resolved in a couple of minutes. If your device is too hot or you have just completed the previous session, please allow it to cool down. If your device has been exposed to cold temperatures (below 0C), please bring it to a warmer place or try warming the device in your hand for at least a minute. Do not use the device outside the recommended operating temperature range (0-40C)

The device does not work. The display shows an exclamation mark and a hand?

Your device software needs a reset. Please press and hold down the control button for 22 seconds until the screen changes. Countdown will reset if the button is released before end of the countdown. The product can also be reset manually by holding the control button for 22 seconds at any time. If the dial is not set to OFF, the product may run an incomplete session before it reboots. To perform the reset correctly, it is important to keep the button continuously pressed for 22 seconds.

The device does not work. The display shows an exclamation mark and a QR code and "Do not enter" road sign?

The product needs replacement. Please contact the helpline.

When connected to a charger, the screen shows the wall plug with an exclamation markt?

You are using suboptimal charger, which may not be powerful enough to charge your device. Please replace it to the recommended charger (12.5W, 9V1.5A, 5V2.5A) and a USB-C cable supporting USB-PD.

I cannot insert or take out the smokeless tobacco sticks smoothly. What to do?

Open the cleaning door and check that the heater tube is empty by looking down the tube. If it is not clear use the cleaning brush provided through the clean our door to remove the obstruction. If it is clear try a different neo stick. If the problem persists contact customer care and they will advise on available options.

My filter has broken and left the rest of the neo heatstick in the device. What do I do?

Allow the device to cool for 5 minutes. Open the cleaning door and use the cleaning brush provided through the clean out door to push the stuck neo stick up through the top of the glo™ Hyper X2 device. Once removed, look down the heater tube to check no material remains. If it is not clear, again use the cleaning brush provided through the clean out door to remove the obstruction. If it is clear try a different neo stick. If the problem persists contact customer care and they will advise on a warranty replacement.

After the session, there is smoke coming out from device and stick-what is it? Is it ok?

This sometimes occurs after multiple uses and is normal. Since the heater is still hot after removing the neo stick, any material left in device will generate a tobacco vapour. Allow the device to cool for 5 minutes then clean with the cleaning brush or a tissue.

The glo tobacco heater is not charging. / Device won't turn on. What to do?

Refer to the user manual, are all four lights flashing on your glo™ tobacco heater? If yes, the glo™ tobacco heater may be below the internal battery's minimal temperature. Move to a warmer area and/or wait for the glo tobacco heater to warm up. If problem persists please contact customer care who will advise on available options.

The shutter/slider door is broken. What to do?

The glo™ tobacco heater will still function without the slider door; however, care should be taken to ensure no materials get into the heater tube. Contact customer care and they will advise on available options.