Adopting Heat-not-Burn Technology: glo™ in Saudi Arabia

In today's era, people are increasingly drawn to all things novel and beneficial. The world of technology has witnessed profound and expansive developments, catering to almost every human desire. Our aspirations are now realized in shorter timespans than ever before. Modern technologies have permeated every aspect of our surroundings, whether it's furniture, construction, or gadgets and electronics! However, since these advancements are human made, the occasional malfunction or defect is both expected and natural. But let's adopt a positive perspective for a moment: these flaws offer humans an opportunity to innovate solutions, if none exist, and the chance to improve the product, re-releasing it with even more enticing and beneficial features for the consumer.

In this blog post, we will review two devices offered by glo™. We'll delve into the errors and challenges consumers encounter each time they handle or use either device. We'll provide practical solutions that must be meticulously applied to ensure the safety of both the device and its user, aiming for an electronic tobacco smoking experience.

Difference Between the Hyper X2 & Hyper pro Devices

Currently, you can own two distinct tobacco devices from Glo™ in Saudi Arabia: The Hyper X2 or the newer Hyper pro. What they both have in common is their compatibility with the complete set of ™neo tobacco sticks. Moreover, you can also choose the heating mode that suits you: either the Standard mode or the BOOST mode.

If you compare the available tobacco heating devices, you'll observe some advancements or differences between the two Glo™ heaters. Here, we'll elucidate the similarities and distinctions to provide a clearer picture:


  • hyper x2 have 2 mode button while hyper pro has the Tasteselect dial.
  • They offer two heating levels: the Boost level takes 20 seconds to heat the tobacco sticks, while the Standard level requires 30 seconds.
  • The session duration for the Boost level lasts 3 minutes, whereas the Standard level lasts 4 minutes.
  • Both provide an unlimited number of puffs*.
  • The Hyper X2 device offers approximately two consecutive sessions.


  • In terms of charging, both have a USB-C port.
  • The pro device takes only 90 min for a full battery charge, whereas the X2 device needs three and a half hours.
  • A fully charged battery delivers optimal performance.

By this point, we've identified the similarities and differences between the Hyper X2 devices. But to make the electronic tobacco smoking experience more practical and smoother, it's essential to be aware of the issues and challenges consumers face. We will present all possible solutions to rectify errors and ease the real-world challenges encountered by users.

Challenges and Error Discovery: Solutions Provided by glo™

We receive numerous inquiries about glo devices, and we value and prioritize answering all these questions, as our goal is to satisfy consumers and further develop the product to meet all possible needs and desires. Hence, let's delve into the mechanisms used to solve the various challenges:

Scanning Mechanism:

Upon purchasing either the Hyper X2 or Hyper pro device, if you feel that your device is stuck or unresponsive, follow the scanning procedure in the steps below to identify the malfunction in the device:

  1. Charging Inspection:

Ensure that you're using the original USB-C charging cable provided by glo™. Also, the screen will show you the % of the battery for the advanced hyper pro and for x2 verify the LED light indicator flashes during the device's battery charging process.

  1. Checking the Charging Phase:

Examine the device's battery level by pressing the power button at the Standard heating level. If the LED light indicator does not flash or only lights up by 1/4, the battery is empty. The solution is to charge the battery for at least ten minutes. If the battery remains unresponsive, you're entitled to a device replacement. For more information, please contact us.

  1. Glo Device Activation Phase:

If the battery responded in the previous step, all you need to do is activate the device to either the Boost or Standard heating level by using the Tasteselect dial on our latest advance heating device hyper pro or press the mode buttons on hyper x2. Remember, the device will vibrate, and a light will flash in the top right, confirming the device's operability. If the device neither vibrates nor emits light, you're entitled to a replacement. For more information, please contact us.

  1. Completion of the Activation Phase:

If there's vibration and a light flash in the previous step, a complete illuminated circle will form at the top of the device, and the vibration will continue, indicating the device's activation. If the illuminated circle doesn't complete, you're entitled to a replacement at the nearest glo™ store in Saudi Arabia for hyper pro our latest innovation Easyview screen will show you the process of loading your session stay in control of your session.

  1. Session Verification:

If the battery responded and the light circle was clearly visible, it's time to start and check the session. With the first puff, the consumer will feel the vapor or mist emitted from the device, and the light remains available. If you don't feel the vapor and the circle doesn't light up, please visit one of our nearest customer service centers to look into this point, and you might be entitled to a device replacement.

  1. Expected session duration:

The battery works, and the circuit lights up. The sensation of puffing has become. The heating mode can work at the Boost level for about 3 seconds or 4 seconds at the Standard level. If the session does not continue for 3 seconds, please contact the customer service center. for hyper pro device standard mode about 4.5 mins while boost mode gives you 3 mins.

What should I do if..

Let's learn about some challenges and how to solve them safely:

  1. What should I do if the battery capacity is less than 25%?

Charge the device or follow the scanning mechanism.

  1. What should I do if the battery temperature exceeds a reasonable limit?

It is advised not to start a new session until the device cools down and stabilizes, then start with the scanning mechanism.

  1. What should I do if the battery voltage exceeds a reasonable limit?

Stop the session or charge the battery if it is in charging mode.

  1. What should I do if there is a charging malfunction?

You can replace the device.

  1. What should I do in case of a power outage, and the device is in charging mode?

Reset the device by pressing the main button for 7.5 seconds and wait for the display cycle and vibration to end, otherwise start implementing the scanning mechanism.

LED light indicator: A language of dialogue

There are some light indicators (LED) for the Glo device that must be known and applied as they represent the language of dialogue between the user and the device. Understanding the meaning of the lights and applying them as soon as they occur prevents the user from making any errors in use and prevents the device's condition from worsening.

Light indicators (LED) for the Glo Hyper x2 device:

  • If the LED indicator flashes red 3 times and then turns off, this means that the battery charge is very low. In this case, charge the device using the recommended original adapter and USB-C cable.

Finally, if readings or light indicators appear for Hyper X2 or Hyper pro devices that are not mentioned above, please report them and contact the customer service center. They will be able to assist you in addressing the issue, providing practical and valuable information about the correct steps you should follow.

In conclusion:

The door of technology has opened, and most age groups have benefited from the current advancements in various sectors. We understand that these innovations are man-made, so the appearance of errors and challenges is expected. We got to know the tobacco heating devices Hyper X2 , presented by glo with the technology of heating instead of burning, and together we learned how to solve some errors before and after their appearance to prevent the device's condition from worsening. We hope you found this information beneficial. If you have more questions about HPs in KSA, please feel free to contact us.